Here at Auto Seeds we’re always happy to help with any questions you may have. Please see our frequently asked questions and see if your question can be answered. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, then please do not hesitate to email us or send us a message on one of our social channels.

Our strains that have sativa dominance in their genetics are:
Diesel Berry
Ultra Lemon Haze

All Auto Seeds finish without the need for light cycle changes and they only have a minimal vegetation period. This makes them much quicker than normal marijuana varieties. From our range, the fastest strains are:
Auto Chemdog – 60-65 days from seed
Berry Ryder – 60-65 days from seed
Polar Express – 60-65 days from seed

Are shortest strains are:
Polar Express
Auto #1
Sweet CBD Auto

Almost all Auto Seeds strains will respond well to LST (low stress training) so if height is an issue, this could be an excellent option.

Most autoflowering strains have slightly higher levels of CBD than normal photoperiod varieties because of the Ruderalis in their makeup. However we have two strains that are specifically high in CBD:
Sweet CBD Auto – 16% CBD and < 1% THC
Candy Kush – 2% CBD and 18% THC

Our top yielding strains are:

Auto Pounder
Juicy Lucy
Ultra Lemon Haze

Our top THC strains are:

Gorilla Glue Auto
Sucker Punch
Ultra Lemon Haze

At the moment, yes they are. This means that in normal conditions over 99% of seeds will grow into Female plants.

BUT, here at Auto Seeds HQ we are always working on new ideas and listening to our customers. So watch this space as we are working on some new releases that will help those who are looking to experiment a little or develop their own lines – watch this space.

If your looking for massive yields of juicy buds, you should have a look at:
Auto Pounder
Juicy Lucy
Ultra Lemon Haze

Well that is a tough one as you need to decide what “powerful” means. If it is straight up highest THC, then Gorilla Glue or Sucker Punch are your girls. If however you are looking for the most CBD, then Sweeet CBD is your best bet.
The balance between THC/CBD varies between strains and those that have more Sativa in their genetic lineage will tend to have higher THC and lower CBD, giving a more cerebral and active high. Strains with more indica and higher percentage levels of CBD will give you more of that “couch lock” body stone feeling.

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