Rainbow Glue Autoflower Seeds


Taking our best selling Auto Gorilla Glue and crossing it with a clone of an Original Zkittlez plant from the NW coast, we have created a total taste explosion. Energizing and tasty – what more could you ask for?

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Type75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Harvest75 days from seed to harvest
StoneIndica body high


Rainbow Glue Autoflower Strain Info

After releasing our award-winning Gorilla Glue Auto we immediately started looking for a way to top it. When we secured a clone of a Zkittlez mother we couldn’t wait to get to work on producing a strain that had all the power and punch of Gorilla Glue with the zesty uplifting buzz of the Zkittlez strain. The resulting cross surpassed even our greatest hopes.

Pale green leaves tend to grow quite long and more slender than you would expect for an Indica-dominant strain. A classic pine tree-shaped plant with close side branching and a dense heavy main cola, are literally smothered in sticky trichomes. None of the scissor sticking goodness from the Glue has been lost in this beauty! These frosty crystals are packed with THC and you can easily expect levels of 20% to be achieved without requiring expert skills.

The yield of the Rainbow Glue is very good, growing 400-500g/m2 in a SOG under good conditions. Be aware that the main cola of this plant will be big and very dense so ensure you have a good airflow around the plants at all times, especially as you approach harvest time.

The effects come on fast. Uplifting and energizing feelings abound from the first toke, building to a euphoric buzz that is truly special. If you keep going either with repeated bong rips of do a blunt to yourself, the more indica body effects will begin to take hold. This is where the Gorilla Glue heritage can come through and catch you unaware if you are not careful!

Strain Details

CBDLess than 1% CBD
TasteWhat will really take your breath away is the super pungent candy-fruit aroma that wafts up from this lovely lady as soon as the flowers begin to fatten up. Tropical pineapple, lemon lime and a slightly sour tang at the end make this a real mouth-watering experience.

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