Pink Runtz Autoflower Seeds


Runtz is one of the most popular strains of the decade so far. Our Pink Runtz Auto is a cross between a Pink Runtz mother and Auto #1 making a formidable mix of strength, yield and most of all, taste.

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TypeIndica Dominant Hybrid
Harvest65-70 days from seed to harvest
StoneHigh & Buzz


Pink Runtz Autoflower Strain Info

Pink Runtz Auto grows vast and dense. Staying relatively low to the ground in a classic Indica bush with broad leaves and rock hard heavy buds. It's easy to see why it has been given its name as the deep green leaves rapidly take on red and pink hues throughout the flowering period. The compact nugs are often bright pink with vibrant orange hairs sprouting all over. The flowers are then finished off with a magnificent blanket of ice-like crystals.

When you smoke Pink Runtz Auto the first flavor that greets you is the sweet candy taste you’d associate with the sweets that they are named after. On the exhale more fruity hints of strawberries and cherries with a distinctly creamy finish make this a truly morish strain.

The effects of Pink Runtz Auto are surprisingly uplifting and giggly, even though it is an Indica-dominant strain. The initial feeling is happy and relaxing, but without feeling heavy. After a couple of good tokes you’ll find yourself talking away and discussing the wonders of the universe as your troubles and cares dissolve. If you overindulge though some users have found that the head buzz can become slightly dizzying, so take it easy.

Strain Details

CBDLess than 1% CBD
TasteThe taste and aroma of Pink Runtz are sweet, fruity and creamy. Very smooth and highly enjoyable.

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